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Jaci's Tree Lodge

Jaci's Tree Lodge

Jaci’s Tree Lodge is rather an interesting destination as the accommodation is in luxurious “treehouses.” Being so high up (in the treetops in fact), provides a unique perspective. The views across the landscape are amazing. And the birdwatching is close to home!

Malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve extends over almost 300 square miles and is world famous for the outstanding work being done with the endangered Cape hunting dog (or African wild dog) as well as the quality of the conservation and land restoration. Stocking Madikwe with animals was nicknamed Operation Phoenix and entailed capturing and transporting nearly 8,000 animals of different 28 species from reserves in other South African provinces. Between 1991 and 1997 elephant, rhino, buffalo, cheetah, spotted hyena, lion, giraffe, antelope, and Cape hunting dogs were introduced.

Jaci’s Tree Lodge has eight luxurious and beautifully decorated rooms connected by timber walkways. The air-conditioned units look out onto the Marico River. The treehouses are constructed of red African Rosewood and have thatch roofs and large balconies. The deep African colors perfectly combine with luxurious linens and silk cushions. All the rooms have king-size beds, stone baths, and outdoor showers with a view.

The main building at Jaci’s is spacious and encompasses a beautiful bar and lounge area as well as a dining room. Meals are outstanding and will suit every palate. Most meals are taken on a deck high above the bush.

Not surprisingly, the most coveted activities at Jaci’s Tree Lodge are the game drives. With now more than sixty mammal species, including all of Africa’s “big 5,” as well as more than 300 bird species, there is much to see. And not just the animals. The landscapes are also beautiful. The guides at Jaci’s are excellent, whether leading game drives or walks. They will lead you into many great photographic opportunities.

When it comes to the future of the African wild dog, it is good news that those on Madikwe are flourishing. In 1994, only six were introduced. Over the years additional dogs were introduced to strengthen the gene pool, today there are three hunting packs.

For the ultimate in relaxation, turn to the trained hands at the Masala Spa, where you can choose to have a full body, Indian head, back and shoulder, or foot massage. It seems like a good idea, especially if you have taken a long bush walk or spent too long in a vehicle before getting here.

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