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Chada Katavi

Chada Katavi

Chada Katavi is another jewel in the crown of game lodges on southern Tanzania’s safari circuit.

It sits in the heart of Katavi National Park on the edge of the wide Chada plain. Although the many animals that call it home have always known about it, Roland and Zoe Purcell (of Greystoke Mahale chimpanzee camp fame) discovered its vastness in the 1980’s and were drawn by its wildness and the herds of animals they found here.

The camp is nestled under the dappled shade of the canopy of acacia and tamarind trees, with six wonderful safari-type tents set on platforms to catch cooling breezes. Each tent has beautiful wooden furniture, deep comfortable beds spread with the finest Egyptian cotton linen, and bathrooms with steaming hot showers. All combine to create a wonderful destination where, at the end of a long day in the bush, one can return and relax on the verandah with cool wine. The camp has remained true its safari history and simple sophistication is the order of the day.

Chada Katavi camp is elevated which allows for breathtaking views from the resident tents and the dining area. Katavi National Park teems with game, and visitors will see herds of buffalo, elephant, rare roan and sable antelope, hippos, and the predators that prey on them such as lion, leopard, and cheetah. These animals can be seen either on game drives or simply by watching them from the deck as they wander across the flood plains in front of the camp.

In addition to the twice-daily game drives in open 4x4 safari vehicles, activities include bush walks with experienced armed rangers and fly camping with bedrolls under the stars.

There are two distinct seasons at Chada Katavi:

December - February: The “green” season when the rains enliven the plains and the birding is outstanding.

July - October: The “hot and dry” season when water is scarce, rivers and pools shrink, and the animals converge on the few places where water remains. This makes for prime game-viewing around the waterholes, especially of hippos and crocodiles in the remaining pools.

Chada Katavi is accessible by air on twice-weekly flights from Arusha or by charter from any destination in East Africa.

From Piper & Heath owner, Chris Liebenberg after a recent visit to Chada:

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