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Dar House

Dar House

Skip the crowded luxury hotels of Stone Town, Zanzibar and step into Dar House, a beach house destination where you can “take over your own place, create your own content, and direct your own experience.” As an exclusive home away from home, guests look forward to the convivial atmosphere of a large house shared among their private group.

With as much (or as little) staff involvement as desired, Dar House is truly everything you want it to be. The secluded private beach house comes with a chef/manager, housekeeping staff, gardener, and watchman. However, if a local dada (“nanny”), masseuse, boatman, guide, yoga teacher, or small jazz band is what you require, staff is helpful in locating qualified individuals to assist you.

Up to eight people can be comfortably accommodated in the house’s three large en-suite bedrooms. Louvered doors, crisp white linens, and clean-lined contemporary décor let you know that you are in no ordinary beach house. Romantically draped beds, lots of light, and tasteful touches of Zanzibari décor add to the sense of elegance and airy relaxation.

Whenever possible, food is locally and organically sourced, from the on-site garden to the rich seafood in the nearby ocean. Drinks are of fine quality, but premium vintages can be procured as well.

Michamvi Pingwe, the unspoiled tropical beach in front of Dar House boasts swaying palm trees, powder-fine white sand, and small local fishing boats. As an authentic Swahili fishing community, the area is virtually untouched by tourism, allowing you to experience a private and relaxing getaway.

For a break from the beautiful beach, bask poolside at the unique serpentine pool surrounded by a tropical garden and waving palm trees.

A few words from one of Dar House’s satisfied guests sum up her stay, “I couldn't have asked for a better place to spend my 70th Birthday... little did I know that I would leave a bit of my heart and soul on the island of Zanzibar. So bring your sense of adventure and leave with a sense of wonder. Zanzibar and the Dar House will forever be an amazing memory for me.”

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