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Greystoke Mahale

Greystoke Mahale

When making plans to visit Africa and Tanzania in particular, Greystoke Mahale is a must-see!

Situated in the West of Tanzania on the edge of Lake Tanganyika, Greystoke Mahale challenges you in a way that few other places manage to do. You will find yourself drawing on all your senses to try to explain why it has enchanted you so. Is it the gentle remoteness - accessible only by watercraft - or is it the white sand of Kngwena Beach underneath your bare feet as you go to and from your “Banda” stopping only to stare at the Mahale Mountains and their reflection in the mirrored water of Lake Tanganyika?

Chris at Mahale

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One thing is certain, however, it is the chimpanzees guests come to see. They roam the forest and a daily chimp-trek is the only way to find them on the mountain slopes. Once you glimpse your first primate, you will be caught up in the magic of seeing animals in their natural habitat, behaving as though no one is around. Watching the drama of the chimp families' interactions is a deep stare into our own world. Do not think the chimps are all that roam here, though, as the forests of the Mahale Mountains hide many other prized animals including leopard and bushbuck, birds and butterflies.

Accommodations at Greystoke Mahale are quite unique, with 6 “Bandas” made of ship wreckage and thatch with canvas fronts that open to views of the lake. Each has an en-suite bathroom at the end of a boardwalk with powerful hot showers and flush toilets.

If lazy walks along the lakeshore, cooling dips in mountain pools, and morning coffee on your deck overlooking the lake entice you, come to Greystoke Mahale. But be warned, you will never want to leave!

From Piper & Heath owner Chris Liebenberg after a recent visit to Mahale:

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