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Kiba Point Selous

Kiba Point Selous

Are you looking for a unique experience to share with family and friends? Are exclusivity and luxury important to you? Then look no further than Kiba Point, a private camp in the northern Selous that has four designer decorated rooms together with an exclusive chef and multiple butlers and game guides.

The camp’s rooms were designed and decorated by Neil Rocher Design, a specialist design company concentrating on “logically eco” tourism based projects. And the professional design is evident. You will find all the luxury you need and more.

Having the camp all to yourself means that all the activities are focused around your preferences. It is not a matter of joining pre-arranged drives or sharing the experience with strangers. Whether game viewing by 4x4, by boat, or by foot, the private guide will ensure your experience is unique.

The camp is in the perfect spot, overlooking the Rufiji River as it flows in and through Steiglers Gorge. The location has an incredible variety of topography, with a mix of rocky hills, sandy plains, deltas, sand rivers, and lagoons.

Not too far from Kiba Point is the main camp, Sand River Selous Camp. Kiba offers all the advantages of its larger sister camp, albeit exclusively.

The abundance of wildlife found in the Selous includes large herds of elephant, buffalo, and many antelope species. Wildebeest, zebra, and giraffe, the endangered black rhino, warthog, anteater, and jackal are also frequently seen. And of course, there are the many predators such as lion, leopard, and packs of the fascinating wild dog.

Activities are many and diverse. Boat trips on the Rufiji are best for view fowl and hippo and also offer a unique perspective on the plains game as they come down to the water to drink. Game drives in 4x4 vehicles allow you to cover large swathes of terrain quickly in pursuit of animal encounters. Walking safaris with your guide allow you to examine animal tracks and get a ground-level glimpse into the private lives of the animals as they feed and interact in the wild.

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