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Kichaka Ruaha

Kichaka Ruaha

Embark on one of Africa’s most interactive safari experiences at Kichaka, a mobile camp that locates in scenic locations around Ruaha National Park. In Tanzania’s largest national park, encompassing nearly 14,000 square miles, discover the diverse concentrations of wildlife, particularly a 10,000-strong elephant population. Wander with Africa’s most well-known animals from one area of the vast park to another, exploring spectacular landscapes and interacting with phenomenal wildlife.

Kichaka’s highly functional camp offers comfortable beds, good food, and hot showers. Although moving throughout Ruaha’s often rugged terrain, the camp is consistently located beneath a shady grove of trees, perfect for enjoying an afternoon nap or relaxing on the tent’s spacious covered veranda. With only six guests welcomed at a time, Kichaka tents can be arranged with two twin beds or a double bed, and the tent is carefully protected by flysheets in case of rain.

Indulge in fresh wholesome fare at the camp’s central dining tent, complete with large dining table, comfortable chairs, and large beanbag chairs. Nearby, a cozy campfire provides a place to rendezvous as you share the day’s exciting events or simply relax to the sounds of the African night.

Kichaka’s expert guide Moli is known for saying, “To see the bush you must drive, but to fully understand it you must walk!” Explore Ruaha in the most eco-friendly way, becoming one with nature on leisurely six to eight mile walks. Thrill at sightings of large mammals such as lion, elephant, buffalo, hippo, and leopard from a safe distance. Then stop to see and learn from your professional guide about smaller creatures that are often missed on vehicle game drives.

Birdwatching for some of the over 500 species can become an obsession at Ruaha. From ostrich to sunbird, guides help guests identify many exceptional species. On game drives, the most traditional and efficient way to view game in the surrounding areas, photograph some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife at close range, all from the safety of a vehicle. Stargazing and learning how to survive in the bush (“bushcraft”) are other enjoyable activities that provide unforgettable memories of a trip to Kichaka Ruaha.

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