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Lemala Ewanjan

Lemala Ewanjan

Tucked deep into the central Serengeti’s spectacular Seronera Valley, Lemala Ewanjan is a luxurious seasonal tented camp that is sure to impress. From its location on the slopes of Makoma Hill, the camp is perfectly situated to capture views of the magnificent migration, grasslands, and sunsets, whether or not you take advantage of one of the camp’s incredible balloon safaris.

Lemala Ewanjan’s main tent exudes elegant ambiance with its leather sofas, chandeliers, side cabinets, rugs, and chests. Separating the spacious living and dining areas is the central bar area, a gathering place that expands outdoors for a nightly sundowner.

After a thrilling day on safari followed by a sumptuous meal, guests enjoy retreating to one of the newly designed high specification tents. Some of the most spacious and comfortable available, these tents offer one king-size bed (or two queen-size beds), warm duvets, flush toilet, large safari shower, running water, wooden cabinets and floorings, 24-hour solar lighting, outside lounger, and games table. Each double tent can comfortably accommodate two adults and two children.

Year-round game viewing at Lemala Ewanjan is exceptional, and the camp closes only for April and May during the rainy season. Open 4x4 vehicles specially designed for long game drives are equipped with comfortable seats, charging units, and large refrigerator.

The grandeur of Serengeti’s endless plains encompasses nearly 10,000 square miles. As host to the largest mammal migration in the world, the Serengeti and its diverse ecosystems are home to more than just great herds of blue wildebeest. Innumerable gazelle, zebra, and buffalo also graze the grasslands along with notable numbers of elephant and giraffe. Not far behind the migrating herds are the Serengeti’s predators, most notably lion but also including leopard, cheetah, jackal, hyena, and aardwolf.

At the height of the seasonal migrations, over one million wildebeest are on the move, joined by hundreds of thousands of zebra, buffalo, and gazelle. The exact timing of the annual migration is somewhat unpredictable. Generally, around October to December the herds descend from the northern hills to the southern plains following the rains. Sometime from April to June they begin their return trek northward, crossing the crocodile-infested Mara River between July and September. Lemala Ewanjan is a special camp providing a front row seat to one of the world’s most amazing natural spectacles.

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