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Lemala Kuria Hills

Lemala Kuria Hills

A brand new luxurious tented camp, Lemala Kuria Hills is a soothing and eco-friendly camp in the northern Serengeti. Large boulders and natural kopjes surround the camp which is ideally situated in the Wogakurya Hills near the Mara River. Each of the ten deluxe tents has been carefully placed to open to grand vistas, dramatic landscapes, and tree-lined watercourses.

Beautiful main camp areas also take advantage of the area’s unsurpassed landscapes. Bar, inside sitting areas, dining, gift shop, swimming pool, and outside deck area with tables and chairs, provide numerous areas for relaxation and dining. Wake up to a traditional English or continental breakfast followed by delicious lunch, high tea, and a sumptuous plated dinner that features a choice of two starters, three entrees, and two desserts.

Each custom-built tent was built to ensure the lightest possible environmental footprint. Recycled steel, glass, sustainable timbers, composite decking, and canvas combine with contemporary design to ensure a stylish and comfortable getaway at day’s end. Each 750 square foot tent offers either grand super-king bed or two three-quarter-size beds. Large glass-fronted doors and mirrors in the bedroom, bathroom, and sitting areas open to panoramic views of the incredible Serengeti beyond, melding indoors and out. Other excellent amenities include sitting area, bedroom, bathroom, dressing area, outside deck area, outside shower, and private plunge pool.

Featured activities at Lemala Kuria Hills are thrilling and varied. In addition to the traditional game drive in an open four-wheel-drive safari vehicle, guests are invited to participate in walking safaris, spend the night under the stars in the luxurious “star bed,” sample wines from the large selection in the camp’s underground wine cellar, lounge around the large swimming pool, and indulge in a manicure, pedicure, massage, or aroma treatment at the on-site African treatment center.

The grandeur of Serengeti’s endless plains encompasses nearly 10,000 square miles. As host to the largest mammal migration in the world, the Serengeti and its diverse ecosystems are home to more than just great herds of blue wildebeest. Innumerable gazelle, zebra, and buffalo also graze the grasslands along with notable numbers of elephant and giraffe. Not far behind the migrating herds are the Serengeti’s predators, most notably lion but also including leopard, cheetah, jackal, hyena, and aardwolf.

At the height of the seasonal migrations, over one million wildebeest are on the move, joined by hundreds of thousands of zebra, buffalo, and gazelle. The exact timing of the annual migration is somewhat unpredictable. Generally, around October to December the herds descend from the northern hills to the southern plains following the rains. Sometime from April to June they begin their return trek northward, crossing the crocodile-infested Mara River between July and September. Lemala Kuria Hills is a luxurious camp that provides a front row seat to one of the world’s most amazing natural spectacles.

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