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Ndarakwai Ranch

Ndarakwai Ranch

Responsible environmental stewardship is the hallmark of breathtakingly beautiful Ndarakwai Ranch. Home to Ndarakwai Camp as well as a variety of wildlife, this permanent tented lodge began as an experiment in self-sustaining conservation in 1995 and continues to provide diverse habitats for animal and plant life across its over 11,000 acres. Due to owner Peter Jones’s vision and dedication to restore the ranch’s ability to support wildlife populations, Ndarakwai Ranch has successfully gone from a wasteland to a wildlife haven.

Towering fig trees and yellow-barked acacias shelter the main camp area which is near the Ngare Nairobi River in Tanzania’s Siha district. With views of both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, guests are treated to spectacular natural beauty in every direction. When not on safari, travelers can relax in the large dining, bar, and lounge area overlooking the river, a spacious nearby pavilion, two indoor fireplaces, or an outdoor campfire area, perfect for sundowners.

Local materials such as canvas for tents, poles for construction, and grass for thatching were utilized throughout the building process, and local craftsmen built the tents onsite. The fifteen large tents with en-suite baths and thatched roofs provide comfortable accommodation for up to just thirty guests. Today, eco-tourism efforts continue with the use of solar panels to provide electricity, elephant-felled trees for firewood, and local farms to provide needed fresh produce.

Each day’s main activities center around guided full or half day walks, game drives, and night game drives. Ndarakwai is an integral part of the preservation of seasonal elephant routes in the Amboseli/Ngasurai eco-system. These massive creatures as well as eland, zebra, buffalo, cheetah, and more pass through the area seasonally. Permanent animal residents also provide plenty of viewing opportunities for safari-goers and include lion, lesser kudu, Grants gazelle, warthog, impala, wildebeest, giraffe, waterbuck, bushbuck, mountain reedbuck, hyena, and over 350 bird species.

Other popular activities include visits to local Maasai villages (hand-crafted, beaded jewelry is a favorite!), a stay in the “tree house” near the waterhole, and day trips to Arusha National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, or the Forest Reserve.

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