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Rubondo Island Camp

Rubondo Island Camp

For adventure, study, or pure relaxation, choose Rubondo Island Camp. The project is situated in an idyllic location within Africa’s largest island national park. In the southwest corner of world-renowned Lake Victoria, Tanzania’s Rubondo Island is permanently inhabited only by park rangers, chimp researchers, and camp staff, allowing the pristine forest to remain virtually untouched.

The camp is strategically located beneath the forest canopy, just 200 feet from the shore of Lake Victoria. Close enough to enjoy the sounds of the lake, each of the four existing cottages provides rest after an exciting day of fishing, birdwatching, or exploring. Four brand-new cottages are currently under construction and boast bamboo veranda with hammock, bay window, en-suite bathroom, traditional thatched roof, and stunning views of Lake Victoria.

A diversity of wildlife flourishes on Rubondo Island, but a highlight is the wild chimpanzee population, currently being researched by a team of dedicated professionals. Guests are invited to hike through the habitat of wild chimps, attend chimp talks by researchers, and enjoy reading from the camp’s extensive library, which includes topics specifically devoted to chimps in addition to the birds, insects, butterflies, mammals, and reptiles of Africa.

Walking safaris, game drives, and boat trips provide the best opportunities for game viewing. Along with the chimpanzees introduced to the area in the 1960s, seven other species were introduced. Some still survive today, including suni antelope, elephant, giraffe, black and white colobus monkey, and African grey parrot. Many species of wildlife call the area home, including the vervet monkey, sitatunga antelope, hippopotamus, genet, bushbuck, and crocodile. In addition, over 200 endemic and migratory bird species inhabit the area, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.

Many adventures await guests of Rubondo Island Camp. Tracking the endemic sitatunga antelope, boating, viewing the largest population of fish eagles in Africa, game fishing for the legendary Nile perch, visiting nearby Croc Island and Bird Island . . . all these make for an unforgettable safari experience.

University groups, wellness groups, and yoga aficionados have all booked the camp for private retreats, and group accommodations are easily arranged.

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