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Sanctuary Private Camping

Sanctuary Private Camping

For travelers looking for a completely personalized private camping safari itinerary, look no further than Sanctuary Private Camping Tanzania. The team at Sanctuary Private Camping customizes your authentic camping experience to exude an elegantly romantic feel of the colonial era. The typical safari lasts two weeks and has all the modern luxuries you would expect from one of Africa’s premier safari operations.

The classic safari tents used on the journey are spacious enough to include hand-woven rugs, traditional furniture, and king sized beds. Leaving no permanent footprint, the tent uses solar-powered lighting. Bathrooms feature a classic safari shower, fully flushing china toilet, and running water. A personal attendant ensures that linens are freshly ironed, warm water bottles are slipped into the duvet on chilly nights, and all needs are hospitably met.

Serengeti National Park is world renowned for its prime wildlife viewing including large predators such as cheetah, lion, and leopard as well as other notable big game like buffalo, elephant, giraffe, and rhino. The iconic annual wildebeest migration passes through the Serengeti from July to October, and the January to March calving season is a special highlight.

Tarangire National Park is home to large elephant herds, some exceeding 300 members. Wildebeest, zebra, impala, buffalo, eland, and unusual species of antelope like the oryx and gerenuk enjoy the waters of the Tarangire River and its accompanying lagoons and waterholes.

One of the best ways to view these incredible creatures in their natural environment is to join a game drive led by Sanctuary’s experienced guides. They will specifically create each day’s schedule for guests. Specially designed safari vehicles allow for excellent viewing, photography, and filming opportunities. Other favorites include sundowners, bush breakfasts, picnics, and dinners, and visits to a local school.

For an additional fee, adventurers can participate in truly unique activities. Drifting over the African plains in a hot air balloon, exploring the bush on horseback or camelback, fishing for legendary giant Nile perch in Lake Victoria, flying in a vintage biplane, visiting a traditional village, and taking a slow-paced walking safari are just a few of the opportunities that await guests of Sanctuary Private Camping.

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