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We would like to share with you some of the responses we have received from past guests who have travelled with us. Depending on your itinerary, we are often able to connect you with our travelers who have recently been to the areas you are interested in. Once you have traveled with Piper & Heath, you become part of a travel community; we look forward to welcoming you to the family.

May 2014

We will definitely recommend Piper & Heath to others for African travel! Great job lining up a fabulous trip for us. We are also sold on the Wilderness Safaris group—they have wonderful camps and very well trained staff!

Larry & Anne - California, USA

April 2014

A common challenge for travelling is to accommodate the desires of both sexes . . . I wanted to see the “people and culture” and my husband, the “animals.” I can say that P&H gets an A++ on both accounts. I was overwhelmed (in a good way!) with the up-close experiences I had.

John & Carol - Missouri, USA

August 2013

What a WONDERFUL Trip! We returned to the States this afternoon after 11 fabulous days in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The trip was so well organized that we felt completely comfortable every step of the way. Thanks to Piper & Heath for taking care of the necessary details so that we could focus more on the experience, culture, people! Having traveled quite a lot, we must say that this was one of our most favorite trips ever! We hope to return to South Africa one day and, if we do, we'll be contacting you to assist us!

Fred & Priscilla - South Dakota, USA


December 2012

I will not hesitate to refer anyone to Piper & Heath and only to Chris for a trip to South Africa or any other location. He made me feel as if I was his top priority, he always responded quickly, and I am firmly of the belief that had it not been for him this trip would never been as successful as it was. I traveled with my wife and our adult children, and I know that they (as will I) will remember this trip all our lives.

Owen & Linda Robinson - California, USA


June 2012

This is the first time I felt completely confident that each tiny segment of the trip was taken care of, and we didn't have to micromanage or double check any part of it! Every detail was addressed, and the whole trip went with seamless ease - right down to the gifts of travel duffels and travel converter! Just the best best travel service ever!!!! This trip was even better than our honeymoon and perfect since we were celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary!!! We will only be using Chris at Piper & Heath for all our future Africa adventures!! Thank you so very very much!!

Dale & Trudy Pitcairn - Florida, USA


February 2012

We feel that you did a terrific job - your advice regarding camps was spot on. Once on the ground, many professionals told us that the selection of camps was ideal. Without your guidance we never would have had such an extraordinary safari. We are confident it will never be matched!

Rob & Jean Wilson - Oregon, USA


January 2011

The trip was a 12 on a scale of 10! Logistically all went great. Botswana was terrific. We left the bush today after quite an exciting morning. A pack of fourteen wild dogs killed an impala outside our tent just minutes after we left for breakfast. So instead of eating our breakfast we watched them eat theirs! Also, in Kalahari, managed to see a cheetah and leopard stalk the same herd of springbok until the cheetah finally made the play right before the sun went down (not successful but it was thrilling to watch). So, we have had tremendous adventures and enjoyed ourselves immensely. GREAT TRIP!

Barb & JT West - Oregon, USA


June 2010

Chris - Thanks so much for helping us to plan such an amazing trip to Namibia. I don't think I would have ever believed that a trip could change me or touch me so much. I left a piece of my heart there... The highlights of the trip were tracking and watching black rhinos, watching the sun set every day, watching the full moon rise over the sand dunes at Serra Cafema, riding ATVs, watching a pride of lions fight over a water buck they had just taken down, and listening to the lions talk all night knowing there was just a canvas wall between us. Thank you again for pointing us in the right direction as far as picking which camps to go to. You couldn't have done anything better! We can't wait to plan another trip!

Jennifer Ray - California, USA


July 2007

As usual Chris, all I have is praise and gratitude, the whole trip was awesome and the Wild Dogs were a highlight, you did it again.

Christopher - Oregon, USA


March 2006

We truly enjoyed the lodges we stayed at in the past but none is to be compared with the charm of an evening camp around a dancing fire, listening to a knowledgeable guide who accepts to share with you the history of his country, his bush experiences, his understanding of animal behaviors. These evenings under the stars and the entire trip are to be remembered forever. No need to add or subtract anything.

Jacqueline and Yves - Paris, France

April 2014

Many thanks, Chris, for planning and booking a truly memorable trip. Your extensive knowledge and love of Namibia enabled us to have a once in a lifetime trip to a country we, too, have grown to love.

Stuart & Kathryn - California, USA

September 2013

I would have a hard time picking just one highlight! I am a bit of a nervous traveler, but everything went incredibly smoothly. Every detail was well thought out, and we felt very well taken care of. Thank you for the thoughtful recommendations and attention to detail; we had such an incredible trip!

Ryan & Carolyn - Washingon, USA

August 2013

EVERYTHING went perfect . . . 100%. Not a glitch anywhere and fabulous greetings, service, accommodations, and variety. How do we thank you for this trip of a lifetime??? Exceeded expectations beyond our dreams!

Gary & Patty - California, USA


June 2013

The trip was fabulous -- thanks so much for making it EASY. This was easily the most relaxing, and at the same time, one of the most logistically complicated trips I've taken. It was sooo nice to have everything taken care of.

Cam Schultz - California, USA


November 2012

My husband and I just returned from a seven-week trip to southern Africa - a trip that was meticulously and professionally overseen by Piper & Heath. Our itinerary was diverse, with every potential of going very wrong because of multiple connections, quick turnarounds, etc. But everything from start to finish went exceptionally well. Piper & Heath was attentive throughout our trip, always on call with immediate responses and such enthusiasm and interest! It is rare to find a travel agent who is so attuned to the client and who takes the time to find out their interests without immediately spitting out a cookie-cutter itinerary. Chris has an insider's knowledge of Africa is passionate and generous about sharing his knowledge and providing the best experience for his clients. We are avid travelers, and we honestly feel that Piper & Heath is a cut above the rest!

Imtiyala Toy - New York, USA


April 2012

Wow, wow, wow and wow! Thank you for helping to orchestrate the best vacation I have ever had. I have spent my adult life traveling around the world working in the fitness industry mainly on cruise ships so I have seen some breath taking places. Africa was the last continent on my checklist, and it was everything plus more than I thought it would be.

Nathan Norville - Bahamas


December 2011

Thanks Chris for putting together our trip of a lifetime! Because of your knowledge and exposure as a guide, you truly understand where the magic happens! These are just a few memories of our time at Kings Pool, Kwetsani, Duba Plains, and Little Mombo. We are already saving our pennies to go back.

Marc & Kelley Davis - San Diego, USA


January 2011

Just wanted to send a final thank you for your part in setting up our wonderful trip. It was unforgettable top to bottom. Fabulous. No hitches of any kind. We all regard it as the trip of our lifetimes and cannot stop talking about it.

Dan Noal - California, USA


June 2009

We have been traveling in Africa for over ten years now having visited the continent seven times. We have never come across a guide like Chris. His ability to share his stupendous amount of knowledge with us and to introduce us to all the wonders of the bush, has been an experience of a lifetime.

Mary & Sylvia - Wisconsin, USA


March 2008

Considering that we had no idea what we wanted to do, or what was available, you managed to put together one hell of an itinerary for us. Thank you for handling all the last minute changes so effortlessly. You made our honeymoon something special and I want to specifically thank you for all the romantic extras, we never would have thought of this stuff on our own – Good Job!

Donald & Suzanne - California, USA


January 2006

We are writing specifically to tell you of the wonderful time we had in Namibia and Botswana. Every single step of the way went absolutely smoothly, the one little hiccup we had with the rental car was taken care of right there. The farmer you sent asked us to tell you best wishes and regard to your family. It would be inconceivable for us to recommend any other agency for an African holiday, all our friends will use you and we will be back ourselves, as soon as we have saved some more play money.

Peter & Helga - New Jersey, USA