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Journeys with Insight

Africa is a vast continent offering a myriad of destinations, each of which could be explored a number of ways.

Below you will find a detailed description of the various travel methods we offer for our journeys. The main factors that will determine specific travel methods are:

Budget // Luxury requirements // Physical abilities // Time restraints // Specific destinations

If there is a travel method you prefer to use, or prefer to avoid, we will discuss this in your initial interview and build your itinerary accordingly.


Put quite simply, scheduled departures are travel itineraries that have pre-determined departure dates and destinations. It is group travel where you will share the journey with a small number of other guests. Our scheduled departures are always small in number, usually limited to a maximum of eight people. These itineraries bring together the highlights of specific areas and are designed to show off the very best an area has to offer. The vast majority of our scheduled departures include a guide that will accompany you throughout the safari and help make your stay seamless, comfortable and informative.

The motivation behind scheduled departures is that because the departures are preset and move in groups, we are able to ease the logistical challenges, making this type of travel more affordable. You will generally be traveling with a group of like-minded individuals and these are wonderful opportunities to establish what often become long standing friendships.

Take a look at all our upcoming Scheduled Safaris.


This journey encompasses Namibia as a whole: a land of stunning landscapes, endless skies, barren deserts, rugged mountains and spectacular wildlife. Explore the dunes of Sossusvlei and the awesome space of the Namib Desert


The fitted safari is a custom built itinerary that fuses our expert knowledge with your safari dreams. This is our most popular travel method, as well as Piper & Heath's specialty. The fitted safari utilizes any combination of the travel methods found on this page based on each traveler's specific needs. During our interviews with you, we will recognize which destinations and travel methods best suit you as a traveler or travel group. Using this information we will begin creating suggested itineraries and together we will design the ultimate safari experience that caters to your wishes.


With the great distances that often need to be traversed, coupled with the time restraints of many travelers, flying safaris are often the best way to economize your time on safari. Most of the flying is done in small aircraft that utilize the bush strip runways at the camps. Some of the camps in our portfolio of partners will only allow access through aircraft and most safari experiences will include some small aircraft flying.

Besides being an efficient way to travel, the panoramic views from the air give you a fresh perspective of the African veldt. We also have a number of scheduled flying departures with excellent pilots who also act as your personal guide. We only work with the best operators who hold passenger safety as the highest priority. Every effort is made to ensure that your experience will be safe and comfortable.


To observe Namibia from the air is an awe-inspiring experience: the vast expanses of moving, rippling sands, the great blue skies and gray of the ocean extending to the horizon.


This safari style evokes the safari experience as it existed during early African exploration. It is a more intimate travel method, allowing you to get to know Africa with the sand between your toes and smell of food on the fire. It is camping in the true sense of the word but it is camping in style, with comfortable beds, cocktails, warm showers, great food and best of all, the camaraderie that comes with sharing this special experience with others.

The guide that accompanies you on these expeditions will take care of your every need and it is true that this travel style attracts some of the best guides the continent has to offer. This travel method usually will be at a more sedate pace than other styles and can be done by vehicle, horseback, camel, elephant-back, mountain bike, quad bike or best of all, on your own two feet. The duration of these experiences can range from overnight to many weeks.


Namibia is a rugged and arid country; therefore its unique wildlife tends to be found near surface water, often on the banks of river systems. This safari, which creates a sense of pure adventure, follows the twisting riverbeds and finds an unexpected and delightful diversity of life in this remote corner of the world.


Every day in Africa is an adventure, let there be no doubt about that. But some folks need that extra shot of adrenaline and so adventure travel has become a major part of African tourism. Thrill yourself with grade five river rafting, abseiling, dune boarding, sky diving, canoeing, bungee and bridge jumping. Pilot through the skies in various modes of aerial vehicles from hot air balloons to microlites and paragliders to name a few. Just let us know your adventure needs and we will make it happen.


A unique way for reasonably fit guests to experience the wilds of north-western Namibia: a combination mountain bike and vehicle safari, taking in wildlife and spectacular desert scenery on the way.


So often when traveling in Africa, we are confronted by the needs of so many of the communities and animals we meet. Being on safari we get to know and understand Africa and her human and animal inhabitants on a very intimate level. Coming from comparatively privileged environments, it is often hard to reconcile these breathtaking safaris with the relative hardships being endured only a short distance away.

One great way to give back to these areas or the people that rely on them, is to participate in any of a number of projects that could be going on during your visit to Africa. Your participation could help fund important conservation work. Your contribution could be in the form of using your skills to teach or train others. Your contribution could be working directly with the people or animals you are helping.

If you would like to explore some volunteering options for your safari, or part thereof, just let us know and we would be happy to share some of our current projects with you.


Africa is about exploration, and sometimes the best way to make your own adventure is by driving yourself through the countries. South Africa and Namibia specifically, along with some of the other southern African countries, all lend themselves to self drive travel. This can be an exciting and less expensive way to see a region. Without knowledge of the local conditions and challenges this could however be a daunting task requiring months of planning and nail biting, but we are able to take care of all this planning at no cost.

We will develop an itinerary and ensure that what you are planning is feasible in a reasonable time frame. We will also ensure that you are well prepared and that you have all the necessary information for a smooth, enjoyable vacation. Our close relationships with our partners on the ground will also maximize the assistance available to you when and where you need it.