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Primate Lodge Kibale

Primate Lodge Kibale

A tropical paradise nestled in Uganda’s Kibale National Park, Primate Lodge Kibale offers unforgettable encounters with thirteen different species of primates, particularly wild chimpanzees. Primate Lodge Kibale is an exclusive eco-lodge that offers an authentic jungle experience in a serene atmosphere. A comfortable restaurant, bar, and lounge area combine with exceptional service to make each guest’s safari experience truly special.

Guests enjoy this getaway in the African rainforest and have their choice of one of the eight luxury safari tents or seven comfortable forest cottages. Each dwelling melds into its natural environment, providing a private, personal sanctuary. Luxury safari tents are securely placed on raised wooden platforms and are covered with grass-thatched roofs. They feature a private veranda, colorful African décor, comfortable bed, large windows, and en-suite bathrooms. Forest cottages provide a private veranda, large twin beds, sitting area, en-suite bathroom, and traditional African art.

For guests seeking a unique adventure, a stay in the Sky Tree House may be the perfect choice. A short walk from the main lodge, the Tree House features a simple bedroom, basic bathroom facilities at the foot of the tree, and views overlooking the forest elephant wallow. A final option for accommodation at Primate Lodge Kibale is the well-maintained campsite where guests can bring their own personal tent for an exciting stay in the African rainforest.

The highlight of any trip to Primate Lodge Kibale is the opportunity to track some of the over 1,000 chimpanzees in Kibale National Forest and enjoy them in their natural environment. Among the thirteen different species in the area are black-and-white Colobus monkey, blue monkey, red-tailed monkey, grey-cheeked mangabey, and bushbaby. Kibale National Forest is also home to many species of birds (over 325!) as well as some larger mammals including forest elephant, bushbuck, duiker, bush pig, and buffalo.

In addition to tracing the primates in the forest, the lodge offers other adventurous activities such as a chimp habituation experience, Bigodi Swamp walk, exploration of the crater lakes, and walking in the foothills of the beautiful Rwenzori Mountains.

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