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One of six bushcamps that The Bushcamp Company operates within Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, intimate Bilimungwe offers exclusive serenity in this wildlife hotspot. The camp’s three waterholes attract birds and animals that can be viewed from an armchair in the camp’s shady lounge or from the privacy of your chalet’s balcony. Constructed under the canopy of old mahogany trees, the camp’s four chalets are richly decorated with authentic African textiles and art.

South Luangwa National Park is a world famous wildlife haven, centered around the Luangwa River. Its historic virility stems from its topography. The Muchinga Escarpment forms the park’s western and northwestern boundaries, sloping steeply down to the river from the west side. The river valley, continued to the west by the Lunsemfwa River valley, forms a natural barrier, and to this day there are no man-made roads spanning the valley.

In addition to its local waterholes, Bilimungwe is just steps from the Luangwa River. As the rumored birthplace of the walking safari, the camp offers expertly guided walks as well as daily and nightly game drives into the surrounding grasslands. Guests can expect to encounter not just herds of grazers (including over a dozen major antelope species) but their big cat predators including lion and leopard.

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