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Zebra Plains Walking Safari Camp

Zebra Plains Walking Safari Camp

From June to October, Sanctuary Zebra Plains hosts unforgettable walking safaris. The camp is intimately situated in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, a beautiful wildlife preserve in the Luangwa River Valley and one of the few territories on earth unscarred by commercialization and manmade roads. Here you can stay and explore terrain where native animals roam freely in the pristine grasslands and woodlands.

Environmentally friendly and close to nature, Zebra Plains is also remarkably comfortable and luxurious, with bathroom facilities in each beautiful canvas tent and hot water for the outdoor showers. Meals, when they are not being experienced on-location in scenic spots, can be enjoyed in the camp’s gourmet mess hall, while a library and bar nearby await the convenience of guests.

Zebra Plains is the perfect launching pad for experiencing the wildlife of the park. Even within the camp’s boundaries you will have ample opportunities to observe animals in their natural habitat, but participating in one of the walking safaris for which Zambia is known will give you unforgettable encounters with beasts of prey—wild cats on land—while the river itself contains hippo and crocodile. When you factor in the over 400 species of birds and the great herds of plains game (including, of course, zebra), you realize that you are in a region that is uniquely fertile with wildlife and an ideal ecotourism destination.

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